Network Resources


Within Malaysia, we have an extensive network of stations spread across the country to provide service to our customers. On the international front, we work with established foreign express carriers to offer express delivery services to over 212 countries worldwide.

Our distribution network facilities include the following:

  • A 67,000 sq feet central all-weather clearing hub
  • Integrated Hub Inbound Outbound System (HIOS) linked to stations throughout the country
  • Comprehensive security surveillance system
  • More than 1300 delivery vans and trucks
  • Over 410 stations (i.e Branch, Agent, LIC, Reseller Agent)
  • State-of-the-art IT system with proprietary software
  • More than 140,000 square feet packaging and warehouse complex
  • Customised storage and bulk-handling equipment
  • More than 4384 staff
  • Conveyor Belt System
  • Online Tracking System
  • Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Handheld Scanner
  • Security Cage