Prepaid Add On

Exceeded the maximum weight of Speed-PAC or Premium Plus ?

Should you buy a new consignment note ?

No worries! You only need to buy Prepaid Add On sticker and paste it on your overweight shipment. Feel free to choose between 1KG or 5KG sticker according to the additional weight.

Prepaid Add On Products

Product Name: Prepaid Add On 1KG
Max. Weight: 1KG
Price: RM3.18

Prepaid Add On 1KG

Product Name: Prepaid Add On 5KG
Max. Weight: 5KG
Price: RM12.72

Prepaid Add On 5KG
Prepaid Add On is a prepaid product used with Speed-PAC or Premium Plus for overweight shipment. Each purchase of Prepaid Add On includes one (1) Prepaid Add On sticker. Prepaid Add On can be used immediately with Speed-PAC or Premium Plus or kept for later use. Prepaid Add On can be purchased from any GDEX Branch, GDEX POP+ and Agent as well as selected MBE and Ikobana outlets as listed on our website. Refer to GDEX Network List to locate a station near you.
Yes, more than one Prepaid Add On sticker can be pasted on each overweight shipment depending on the extra weight. Customer can opt to use 1KG Sticker or 5KG Sticker.
Yes. Expiry date is printed on the sticker. GDEX reserves the right not to accept any shipment with expired Prepaid Add On. Expired Prepaid Add On sticker are not refundable or exchangeable.
No minimum purchase quantity. Purchase of this product can be as low as one(1) piece.
No. Prepaid Add On can only be used with Speed-PAC and Premium Plus.